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Something About the Bills

I’ve been slacking on here lately, especially when it comes to the Bills.  The plan was to get a post up before the game today but now, a couple of hours after the game, I’m sorta glad that didn’t work out.

Immediately after the game this post would have been rather different from a pre-game interpretation of the team.  However, after calming down a bit I realized that nothing has really changed.  This team isn’t good but they’re not horrible either.  Their defense could be comparable to a high school team at times however most of the time the offense can make up for it.  That’s no different after today’s loss.

The Bills have played some good teams this year and kept it close, that’s exactly what they did this afternoon.  No one expected the Bills to pull off a win today.  Pittsburgh is a good team and home field advantage was essentially be canceled out from a fan standpoint.   They were supposed to lose this game, badly.  However, like so many times this year, they kept it close and took it to overtime…almost winning if it wasn’t for what seemed like a routine catch slipping away.

Look at it this way.  If you spotted the Bills 7 points a game their record wouldn’t be 2-9, it’d be 7-4.  They’d be tied for 10th in the league instead of their current standing of 29th.  They’d be a decent team, and there would be playoff talk.  Spotting 7 points obviously isn’t possible but how many times did a touch down slip through their fingers?  How many close calls would have turned games around and gave them those 7 points?

Now, lets talk about today’s game.  It’s probably the most excited I’ve been watching a Bills game in years.  That says something.  Making football exciting again is good for Buffalo, the team and the city.  Even though the loss today might have knocked the wind out of us, at the same time, it brought us closer to this team.  As bad as it felt, deep down there was a feeling of pride by coming so close to sending the terrible towels home soaked with tears.

With that said….this game should have been won.  For the 3 seconds that the ball was in the air to Johnson during that OT drive every Bills fan thought we did it, we beat a much better team.  A quick punch to the gut and that was over.  That typical deflated feeling was back.

I still think he’s going to catch it when I watch that, it’s so simple, receivers make that catch in their sleep.  Not today though, and not Stevie Johnson.  Was it gods fault?  Was he thinking about his touchdown celebration?  Did he just crack under pressure?  It doesn’t matter, he dropped it and it ended up costing the Bills the game.

So what now?  We’ll complain about Johnson, debate what could have been done differently, and eventually look towards next week.  A beat down Viking’s team could be just what time team needs to capture it’s third win of the season.

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