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Bills Remain Winless After Overtime Loss to Ravens

If you told me the Bills would lose to the Ravens in Overtime yesterday morning I probably wouldn’t have believed you.  This game wasn’t supposed to be close.  The Bills can’t stop anyone from scoring and the Ravens’ defense was going to tear apart the Bills’ offense.  It was going to be a blow-out and everyone knew this wasn’t going to be the week they finally get a win.

The game was anything but that though.  It was a tightly fought game with the Bills having a decent lead at the 2 minute warning of the first half.  Those final 2 minutes were anything but impressive for the Bills though as it was the beginning of the end for this game.  A Spiller fumble on a kick-off return started it all.  Follow that with a questionable call that negated a Corner interception (which I still don’t get) and a quick second half touchdown and the Ravens suddenly put up 24 unanswered points and the Bills are once again attempting to fight back from behind.

It took a 50 yard Rian Lindell field goal with 4 seconds left in the game to send it to overtime.  After the Ravens won the coin toss and a Bills defensive stop the game got ugly quick.  The Bills seemed to crush under the pressure and eventually Ray Lewis ended up with the ball after ripping it from Shawn Nelson on yet another questionable call. Not long after that the winning field goal was kicked.

It wasn’t all bad though.  Ryan Fitzpatrick played an amazing game.  One that has a lot of people talking and saying he might be the future of this team and I have to say I don’t disagree with them.  Fitzpatrick ended the day with 374 yards, 4 TD, 2 picks, and a passer rating of 106.2.  Those numbers are impressive for anyone let alone a player who came into the season fighting for the number two spot on the team.

The receiving core seemed to make it easy for Fitzpatrick.  Johnson ended the day with 158 yards and 1 TD, Evans 105 yards and the other 3 touchdowns.  Again, those are all-star type numbers against a defense that’s typically comparable to a brick wall.

Bottom line is that this team is 0-6 which is horrible and now, after a Carolina win, puts them at the bottom of the league by themselves.  That 0-6 isn’t as horrible as it sounds though as many of those games have been close and the Bills have routinely put up impressive point totals.  Couple that with a tough schedule and it’s making me optimistic this team might not go 0-16.   Only question is when will that win come.

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