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Sabres Looking For Their First Home Win

Tonight the Buffalo Sabres will host the Ottawa Senators at HSBC arena.  The Sabres are still win-less at home however one of their two wins this season came opening night against the Senators who are also struggling early on.

Buffalo looks to build on an impressive win Wednesday night in Atlanta.  The Sabres out-shot the Thrashers 42-18 which lead to a 4-1 win.  As they dominated the game and finally got the payout to improve their record to 2-4-1. More importantly the 4 goals were scored by 4 different Sabres which has been rare this season.  One of those scorers was Thomas Vanek finally netting his first of the season.

Ottawa has also had issues finding the win column this season as they currently sit at the bottom of the NHL with only 3 points.  I’m sure they’ll be hungry for a win in hopes to gain some momentum.  Add that to the fact that, minus the season opener this year, the Sabres haven’t had good luck against the team so anything could happen.

For the Sabres, getting this win is just as important as getting the win Wednesday night.  They need to build some momentum, take advantage of other struggling teams, and pull themselves out of this rut they’ve seem to be in.  Another losing streak like the last and that rut is going to quickly become deeper, eventually too deep to climb out of.

We always talk about games later in the season being important but the truth is that a win in October is worth the same amount of points it is in March.

A win tonight and they face an also struggling NJ team on Saturday.  Those two wins can give them the momentum needed to take on the Flyers Tuesday and a Thrashers team they seemed to make easy work of next Friday.  If they can turn that schedule into a winning streak they’ll propel themselves up the standings and right into the thick of things again.

7:30PM face-off tonight.  The Sabres need this win as much as any other this season.  Not only because of the slow start they’re having but because it’s Ottawa and who doesn’t like seeing them lose?

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