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The Pominville Hit Wrap-Up

The Pominville hit and resulting 2 game suspension of Hjalmarsson has dominated the hockey news for the day.  Here’s a wrap-up of the coverage….

  • Mike Harrington of Sabres Edge has the reactions from Ruff and Miller on the suspension.  Miller brings up an interesting point.  Is going head-hunting saturday night really sending the right message?  I don’t think anyone is suggesting a dirty hit in retaliation but I think the best way to get the message across is playing the guy hard all night.  Wait for him to drop the gloves first then react instead of dropping the gloves the second the puck drops.
  • Greg Wyshynski of Puck Daddy thinks the suspension is perfect and I’d have to agree.  As much as a fine or suspension might cause Hjalmarsson to think twice next time he’s in a situation like that there’s nothing like some vigilante justice to make the Sabres feel better about it.  I know I’m angry about the situation so I can’t imagine how the mood is in the Sabres camp.  Hitting Hjalmarsson with a good clean check will probably help release some of that anger.  Throwing some punches in his direction may help that also.
  • Nick Mendola shares his thoughts.  Again, he’s happy that the Sabres will get some of their own justice, or at least a chance at it, Saturday night.  He also suggests that maybe Colin Campbell planned Hjalmarsson’s return on Saturday as some additional punishment.
  • Another good post by Mike Harrington from Sabres Edge.  The NHL isn’t exactly consistent in its discipline and even though I think this worked out for the best it’s still one of those rulings you question.  No doubt that hit could have ended Pominville’s career if not more.  The league then essentially says that chance is on the same level as someone making a lewd gesture.  Doesn’t make sense to me.
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