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Game Preview – Sabres vs. Devils

The Sabres look to break out of their 2 game losing streak tonight at HSBC Arena when they face the New Jersey Devils.  The win less Devils aren’t off to the best start of the year either and with some caps issues you have to question if they’ll be able to turn that around.

Monday night the Devils dressed only 15 players as a result of injuries and a suspension caused by their cap issues which essentially boil down to the Kovalchuk deal.  Tonight it looks like they’ll be dressing 16 after somehow finding the cash to sign ex-Sabre Adam Mair.  Not only with Mair be back in Buffalo for the first time in another uniform but Tallinder will be also after signing his 4 year deal with New Jersey in the off-season.  Both were well like Sabres so lets hope the booing is kept to a minimum.

Miller isn’t the only all-star goalie struggling this year as Brodeur isn’t putting up great numbers either.  Miller and Brodeur are ranked 37th and 38th respectively in the save % stats.   For comparison, last season Miller finished 2nd and Brodeur 13th.  These are both good goalies and I think it’s a matter of time before they turn their game around.  Neither have been getting much help from their team either which doesn’t help the situation.

The Sabres will need to step it up tonight as just like the at-the-time winless Blackhawks that defeated them Monday night the Devils are hungry for their first win.  The Sabres have been leaving way too much open ice out there and need to close the gaps and play tighter hockey.  Of course withe NJ only dressing 16 players the open ice might just help tire them out.

Another 7:00pm faceoff from HSBC arena tonight.  Radio coverage will be on WGR and MSG will have the HD TV Feed.

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