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Hjalmarsson Gets a 2 Game Suspension, Returns Saturday to Host the Sabres

Tonight the league announced that Hjalmarsson earned a 2 game suspension for his hit on Pominville Monday night.  It was expected to be on the light side due to his lack of history and sadly, with it being the NHL, the fact the injury wasn’t more severe and Pominville wasn’t a “star” player.

The interesting part of the story is that the Blackhawks play the Sabres on Saturday, 3 games out, Hjalmarsson’s first game back.  Did the NHL not look at the calendar or were they trying to drum up ratings for Saturday’s game?   Kaleta hinted that if the league didn’t take action there were be a chance for the Sabres to take their own during the rematch.  Will that still be the case with the league giving Hjalmarsson a suspension?  Guess we’ll see.

My thought on the suspension…  It was clearly a dirty hit and with the NHL attempting to limit these hits they had to do something.  My guess was a game or two and of course he got the latter.  At the same time, Wisniewski was given 2 games for a “lewd gesture”  which I thought was overkill, and you have it give the guy credit and admit it was a bit humorous.  I think after that the league would be forced to give Hjalmarsson a stiffer penalty than that with at least 3 games.  I mean isn’t an action that injured a player worse than an action that just gives the player (and ultimately the league) a bad image?  Apparently Colin Campbell doesn’t see it that way.

Either way Saturday will be an interesting game for sure.  I’m setting the DVR now as I’ll  be watching the my alma mater RIT take on U-Mass Lowell.

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