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Sabres Weekend Recap: The Good and the Bad

It’s rare that you get to see your team at it’s best and worst 2 days into the season but that’s what Buffalo Sabres fans saw this weekend.  Friday night and a win over the Senators, a team they can never seem to beat, had the fans on top of the world.  A great win against a tough opponent is the perfect way to start the season.  However, Saturday night proved to be different as a game full of mistakes resulted in a 6-3 loss to the Rangers. 

The Sabres, Sentators rivalry has been gaining steam lately.  They’re to the Sabres as the Sabres are to the Leafs…they have our number and it’s always tough to play against them, no matter of the position in the standings.  Last year, out of 6 matchups, Buffalo was on top at the end only once.  Many of those games Ottawa was well behind us in the standings.  So this year when the schedule came out every one of those games were circled as a chance at redemption and opening night was no exception.

Lead by Roy’s 2 goals the Sabres were able to out play the Senators and walk away with a 3-1 win in Ottawa.   The Sabres played well, hopefully not at their best as there were some elementary mistakes, and good enough to get everyone even more excited about this team.  Derek Roy had 2 goals, one which looked like something out of Ovechkin’s playbook, and had us thinking this may be his year. 

The one negative thing in this game was that the score doesn’t reflect how much better the Sabres were than the Senators.  Like much of last year the Sabres had plenty of opportunities but weren’t able to capitalize on them.  Goaltending was good for both teams but the Sabres had enough offensive chances to score at least a couple more goals.  With 36 shots on goal a few more should have went in. 

After a well-played win in Ottawa the Sabres returned home to play the Rangers in the home opener.  The Northeast Division Championship banner was raised and Buffalo was clearly ready for some hockey.  Unfortunately the Rangers were also ready to play.  The defense was clearly having an off night and Miller wasn’t having his typical superstar game that could cover their mistakes.  Couple that with an offense that again couldn’t seem to get the lucky bounce on the puck and you ended with a 6-3 loss.

Tyler Myers had one of his worst games in recent memory with multiple mistakes.  One, falling behind his own net and giving up the puck, leading to a Rangers goal.  Sophomore slump?  Lets just hope it was opening night jitters or something less catastrophic to this team.

The surprise of the night was Jordan Leopold who netted two goals and brought something we’re not used to seeing outside of Myers, scoring from the blue line.  Roy tallied to third goal on what seemed to start a comeback however an empty netter from the Rangers ended any hope of that.

There was a lot of doom and gloom about the Sabres after Saturday’s game from both fans and the media.  With a game that bad this early in the season it’s hard to say if that’ll be common or a rare occurrence.  Bottom line though, 82 games are played every year and no team is ever going 82-0.  Lets hope the Sabres leave this loss behind them and it’s remembered as the worst game of the year.  Getting bad games out of the way early isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

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