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Bills Drop to 0-5 Against the Jaguars

After putting up a quick 10 points Sunday afternoon it was hard not to be optimistic about the Bills.  The Jaguars are a decent team and putting up points like that against them isn’t something a winless team should be able to do so easily.  They actually looked like a good team, making plays work, and moving the ball up the field with what seemed like ease.  Special teams even forced a nice turnover which is glad to see them back into last years form.  Even with everything going right there was still that thought in the back of all our minds thinking that they’re going to screw this up, and they sure did.

After the 10 point jump and adding a field goal the Bills allowed the Jags 17 unanswered points to take the lead and it was all downhill from there.  The Bills were unable to stop Jones-Drew and the other backs from making large gains and Garrard, without putting up impressive numbers, was able to get the passing game going enough to get the win.

It wasn’t all negative though.  Fitzpatrick looked good minus a few throws that were about 10 feet to high.  He finished the game 20 for 30 with 220 yards and 3 TDs, respectable for any QB let alone one from Buffalo.  Those numbers are even more impressive when you see how often he was hurried and flushed out of the pocket or flat-out sacked (3). 

Fred Jackson made the most of his first day as the number one back putting down 73 yards on 12 attempts.  Spiller averaged just over 6 yards a carry on 5 attempts while he spent most of his day on returns.  Steve Johnson also showed a flash of receiving talent ending the day with 2 TDs with 46 yards from 5 attempts.

So here we sit, 0-5 with a much-needed bye week coming up.  Hopefully it’ll allow the team to make some changes over the weekend off and improve a bit because as of right now this team has a decent shot of going 0-16 and that’s one part of history they don’t want to be a part of.

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