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Catching Up

Been slacking around here as I’ve been busy with this and a bit of this.  With the Sabres season starting tomorrow along with the AHL, EHCL, and college hockey things will be picking up around here.  Lots of news this past week so let’s get caught up.

  • The Bills dropped another game this weekend to the NY Jets.  A game a lot of us thought might be close was anything but.  This year might be the worst yet without a drastic turn around so lets just hope this is the bottom of the pit and it’s uphill from here.
  • Marshawn Lynch was finally traded away as the Seahawks gave up a few draft picks to land the running back.  With  Jackson and Spiller earning their keep I don’t see this being an issue and a possible off field distraction removed.  I just think they would have got a bit more for him.
  • Edwards was picked up by the Jaguars.  Good for them I suppose
  • For the first time since Christmas Eve 2006 this week’s Bills game will be blacked out.  Good reason to go to the game I suppose however it might be nice not being “forced” to watch the Bills suffer through another game.  Of course this will probably be the one where they pull off the upset and end up with a win.
  • Tim Kennedy was waived by the Rangers and not picked up so it looks like he’ll be playing in the AHL.  I was looking forward to seeing him play against the Sabres this weekend and looking back on it I’m sure Kennedy wishes he settled with the Sabres offer, hopefully he is finding a new agent.
  • The Sabres have reduced their roster to 23.  No real surprises with Ennis, Gerbe, and McCormick sticking around with Rivet still wearing the big C.  From the sounds of it Kaleta, Rivet, and Vanek will all be healthy enough to start in the season opener and with Enroth being assigned to Portland,  Lalime is healthy enough to sit the bench backing up Miller.
  • Lastly, if you’re not pumped for the NHL/Sabres season as it is this will get you there:

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