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Bills Make Football Interesting Again…on Sunday and Monday

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Coming into yesterday’s game at Foxboro we all knew it would be a different type of football being played with Edwards riding aluminum and Fitzpatrick behind center.  However, I don’t think many of us thought the Bills would put up a fight like they did against one of the better football teams in the league.

We knew what to expect from Fitzpatrick coming into the game.  A less physically talented player than Edwards but one with brains and the guts to push the coverage and take chances with the ball…something Edwards would rarely never do, and it almost paid off.  His style did give the Bills a somewhat effective passing game and kept the team within striking distance the entire 60 minutes.  On the other side, the two interceptions Fitzpatrick threw were pretty horrible as both were overthrown by a mile.  However if those turnovers come with the chances Fitzpatrick is willing to take I’m OK with that.  I’m not OK with a QB that will check-down on every pass and throw it no more than 5 yards unless a WR is clear of everyone by 10 feet.

The running game was a huge improvement yesterday as well with Lynch putting up decent numbers and being backed by good turnouts from Jackson and Spiller.  This game was the first time since pre-season where we had a chance to see what Spiller had us excited for when he was drafted.  A TD reception and kick off return is what we needed from him and hopefully he builds from that as we get the 1,2,3 punch from the backfield we expected to have this season.

Brady was able to pick apart the defense and at times seemed to score at will.  The tight end Hernandez was able to take advantage of the secondary, ending the day with 65 receiving yards while Moss ended up with 2 touchdowns.  The defense was good enough to keep the game within reach though and with a potent offense like New England’s it’s all we could really hope for.

Now, as if Sundays game wasn’t enough to pull you back into the football season, today the Bills announced that Edwards was released and, pending that someone is stupid enough to pick him up on waivers in the next 24 hours, will be a free agent.  Perhaps he can follow Lossman’s path and win a UFL championship.  Adam Schefter from ESPN is reporting that the Bills will sign Levi Brown, who was cut from training camp, to fill the vacant position.

Looks like the Edwards era is finally over for good.  I’m just not sure why now.  Edwards didn’t play any worse than he did last season but perhaps they were expecting pre-concussed Edwards to make a comeback this season.

Either way, it makes me a bit more excited for the season and slightly optimistic that we may no longer be the worst team in the league.

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