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81 of 82 Sabres Games Will be in High Definition This Year

September 21, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Looks like Buffalo is giving the fans one less thing to complain about this year, the lack of HD.  Today the Sabres and MSG announced that 81 of the 82 games this year will be available in HD on MSG, Versus, or NBC.

Eight of those games will be on Versus (lucky us), one on NBC (against Washington), and possibly two additional games on NBC depending on the flex schedule.  The remaining games will be on MSG minus one, the December 21st game where Versus apparently has rights to every hockey game that day.  Doesn’t make sense to me but I know these broadcast right agreements can get complicated.  Guess we’ll be stuck with radio on that one unless we make the trek to the arena.

The Sabres also announced that Rick Jeanneret and Harry Neal will be back in the broadcast booth for yet another year.  This is Rick’s 39th season in the broadcast booth which is remarkable.  I’m dreading the day he decides to call it quits as Sabres hockey won’t be the same anymore.  Rick will be taking his mid-season break as usual and will be replaced by a combination of his son Mark, Kevin Sylvester, and Dan Dunleavy from FAN 590 in Toronto.

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