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Two Weeks Too Late

September 20, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

As much as I didn’t want to write about the Bills after yesterdays game I can’t really let his go without a comment.   Edwards is finally benched.  Something, in my mind, that should have happened before the start of the season but at least Chan has a better plan than hoping Edwards can learn to throw the ball.  Fitzpatrick will be starting next week and beyond from the sounds of it.  I really wish they’d give Brohm a chance but lets just take Chan’s judgement that the kid isn’t ready for the NFL.

Now, is this going to thurst the Bill’s into Superbowl contention?  No.  Is it going to make them a good team?  Probably not.  This team is more than a QB away from being competetive.  The offensive line is horrible, 3 “star” running backs have yet to tear it up, number two receivers are dropping passes like it’s their job, and the defense was picked apart by Rogers and the rest of the Green Bay offense last week.  There’s still a lot of work but this may be a start.

With that said I’m most interested to see if the rather small pro-Edwards camp was right and that he isn’t a horrible QB and just isn’t getting the time to pass.  If Fitzpatrick puts up respectable numbers next week I think that will be enough to silence them so we can all move past the Edwards “era”. 

Now, is it October 8th yet so the Sabres can make us forget about the Bills?

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