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More of the Same

September 13, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

This happens every year.  Something exciting happens before the start of the season and all the fans get excited.  This year we had the new coaching staff, Spiller, less injuries, and a Trent Edwards that could throw farther than my grandma for a change.  For some reason it seemed that feeling was even stronger this time around, making yesterday even more devastating as we settle in for another rough go at this.

The Bills love to string you along.  Yesterday was a prime example of that.  Friends and I were on the edge of our seats that last down as a tiny voice inside was telling us Edward is going to throw deep, the receiver is going to break a tackle or two and we were going to win this thing.  Meanwhile our voice of reason is gagged as it mutters “It’s captain check-down…it’s either a screen pass or a 5 yard lob to whoever is closest.  We have no chance in hell of this happening”.  Of course our voice of reason was right…he always is.

It quickly became apparent that the huge coaching changes are not going to right this ship.  The snap in the end zone was a painful realization of that.  I’m not sure if Gailey knew they were in a 2 minute drill situation or not but I’m just hoping he misread the clock and thought it was still the third quarter.  Being a quarter off in a game is more excusable than the last few minutes of that game.  On top of that it shows just how confident he is with the offense…that he’d rather take a safety and risk getting an onside kick back/wasting a minute off the clock than chance getting 10 yards for a first down.

To prevent this from being all doom and gloom there was a bright side to yesterday’s “game”.  The defensive secondary was pretty good.  They started out a bit rough as I thought they forgot how to tackle but after some mid-game changes they were playing fairly well.  The Packer’s potent offense will be a tougher task for them to overcome but I’m hoping they will pass that test.  We all know without some quick improvements our offense doesn’t stand much of a chance at scoring at will.

I hate being the stereotypical “I hate the Bills” fan but it’s hard not to be after a game like that.  As a sports fan you have to take the bad with the good…I’m just wondering when is that good going to arrive.

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