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The Slug is Finally Dead

Since the 2006-2007 season we’ve had to put up with, in my opinion, one of the most hideous logos in the NHL.  It might resemble a fast-moving buffalo head however there are much more relevant comparisons including a slug or Donald Trump’s hair.  The retro third logo jerseys gave us an option that was much more desirable however it was still painful to watch our team in those horrid jerseys for the majority of the games.  A glance around the arena on game night would quickly show you the most popular style as the slug was easily outnumbered by the third logo.

Last year we were told a new logo would be unveiled as part of a 40th anniversary celebration and confirmed when it was announced the new jerseys would be released at this years Puck Drop on September 18th.  Luckily for us the Sabres are bad at keeping secrets and they were leaked last night in a flurry of twitter posts.  I must say I’m impressed.

The previous years third jersey is now the new home jersey which saves me and a ton of other people from buying a new jersey to keep up with the times.  The away jersey (shown below) incorporates some changes to the third jersey and of course is white.  I’m not too keen on the faded out yellow stripes and gray armpits but of course it’s a horrible camera phone pic so colors can easily be completely different from what is seen here.  Overall it is a huge improvement and a decent looking sweater.

The new third jersey even goes more retro back to the AHL Bison days as it seems that they copied the front from the old bottle cap jerseys.  Again its’ hard to tell on the colors but I’m hoping the yellow is a bit brighter than shown in the picture.   If I ever have a need for another jersey this will probably be the one.  It’s just enough retro to make it a solid choice without being tacky like some of the other team’s retro third jerseys went in previous seasons.

I’d say they’re all a huge improvement over our previous option and lets take a moment and celebrate the death of the slug.  Lets hope that whoever designed that is no longer with the organization so they can’t plot the return of a horrid logo.

Some other reactions to the sweaters:

  • Puck Daddy has a Pass or Fail post on them.  Getting mixed responses in the comments but I suppose that’s to be expected.
  • Icethetics was the one that actually confirmed the leaks.
  • Nick Mendola has a good writeup on why the Sabres are throwing the jerseys at us for money, and why it’s not a bad thing.  Sometimes it’s hard to realize the Sabres are a business.

Now that we have new jerseys…is it October yet?

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