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Some Catching Up to Do

Been a busy week around here between a quick Canada trip this past weekend followed by a few days with my car at Watkins Glen and as a result it looks like I missed a few things…

  • Tim Kennedy found a new home with the Rangers.  Between his $550k 1 year deal and $300k buyout from the Sabres he didn’t wind up much better than the initial Sabres offer.  As I’ve said before I’ve always liked TK and was disappointed to see him go.  I think (and hope) the fans still see him as a home town player and he’ll get the reception he should when he makes his way back to Buffalo in a different color uniform.
  • Sabres re-sign Matt Ellis in a two-way deal that’s rumored to be around $625k if he stays with the Sabres.  My guess, with the young guys stepping up, we’ll see more of Ellis in Portland than Buffalo.
  • Bills had yet another pre-season game over the weekend and apparently, even though I could walk into Buffalo, Canada didn’t carry the game at all.  However, from what I hear it was another impressive showing.
  • The Kovalchuk situation is still unfolding as other contracts that circumvented the CBA are coming into question.  It’s going to be interesting to see where the league goes with this and how it affects their relationship  with the players association.
  • Bills are playing their last pre-season game as I type this.  Quick start to the game and it appears as if most of the starters (at least the ones who dressed for the game) are done for now.  Expect a recap on the game tomorrow.
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