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Hockey is Right Around the Corner

Today the Sabres announced the national TV schedule for the season just meaning we’re one step closer to the start of hockey.  No standout games on Versus this year even though the Boston one might be entertaining after the playoff series last season.  Not much variety either with us playing Philly, Montreal, and the Rangers each twice making up for 6 of the 9 games on the network.

I will admit I’m not the biggest fan of Versus hockey.  It could be because we’re spoiled by Rick and Harry but I just find them almost impossible to watch between their boring commentary and frequently incorrect facts.  On top of that it always seems like they are the opposing team’s biggest fan.  However, that did seem to change a bit after Miller made the olympic run and again, we’re spoiled by the one sided commentary on MSG.  Watching an NBC game can quickly turn me into a Versus fan though and they will be carrying 3 games pending no changes to their “flex schedule”.

So yeah, no huge news here but it’s just another reason to get pumped for the up-coming season.  My tickets for the 9/25 Toronto pre-season game are on the way as of Saturday so it’s about time to dust off the old Gaustad jersey.  The puck will be dropping before we know it and it can’t come soon enough.

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