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Maybe It’s Not the End of the World Afterall

After a rather pathetic start to the pre-season against Washington last week, the Bills definitely turned the boat around last night again Indy.  Explosive offensive plays are not something you frequently hear in a Bills’ game recaps but it’s what we saw last night.  Spiller making a big run for a TD and a Edwards to Evans pass that was over 10 yards (70 to be exact) were the highlights of the night for sure.  The first quarter, even half, of the game had me even more excited for the upcoming season. 

On the other hand, like I said in the recap of the Washington game, it’s still the pre-season.  At the time of the big plays it seemed like most of the starters were still in the game but who knows to what extent.  If anything I’m hoping that big pass play gave some confidence to Edwards and Captain Checkdown will be bringing the laser show to a few more games.

It wasn’t all positive though.  The defense, the only strong part of their game for the past few seasons, gave up a lot of big plays against Indy’s offense.  Special teams were also a disaster giving the Colts multiple long return opportunities as they left lanes open that could accommodate rush hour traffic.  With the injuries they’ve had to deal with I’m sure their special teams unit had a few players stolen to fill in gaps so lets chalk it up to that since special teams were always a highlight of Bills football.

Biggest surprise of the night was probably Brian Brohm who looked like a serious contender for the number 2 spot.  As much as I wish Edwards wasn’t going to be the starter it’s safe to say that position is wrapped up and Fitzpatrick and Brohm are set to battle it out for the backup title.  Before last night’s game I would have given it to Fitzpatrick without a question…he started most of the games last year so it would only seem to make sense.  However, at least from what we’ve seen of him this preseason, Fitzpatrick hasn’t really stood out.

The other story last night was the mess that is this Bills Toronto Series.  Ridiculous ticket prices and what seems to be overall lack of excitement from our friendly northern neighbors left plenty of seats open.  Official attendance was just under 40,000 but most reports say that’s a generous exaggeration and it seemed like a decent chunk of tickets were given away.  Even at discounted prices right before the game tickets were still $150+.  Crazy when you can get into games just on this side of the border for fraction of that.  I’m sorta glad this experiment is failing, it’s one less city to steal the Bills away in the coming years.

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