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Random Thoughts

Been slacking here lately but now that Football is coming into full gear and Hockey camp is just around the corner I’m getting pumped for the upcoming seasons.

  • I know it’s just the preseason but could the Bill’s game on Friday night have been any worse?  Our offense looks like the same boring one as before with check-down after check down.  On top of that our “overfilled” backfield is now down the the rookie Spiller with Lynch and Jackson both out for weeks, both likely missing opening weekend.  Lets hope for some improvement on Thursday.
  • Schobel finally decided to retire.  At least he decided before Favre.
  • The cup was in Buffalo this weekend with some interesting stories coming from it…mainly it and Kane being stuck in the basket of a firetruck while it was 70′ in the air.  Of course you had the typical Kane “frat boy” story.  I think he’d be the type that’s either a ton of fun to hang out with or completely annoying.
  • Sabres announced the opening day of camp on the 18th of September which is also when they’ll be unveiling the new third jersey.  I’m secretly hoping it’s not awesome enough to force me to spend the money on one…I planned on keeping my current old style third jersey till Gaustad was gone which I’m hoping is also never.
  • Tickets go on sale this Saturday for pre-season and individual games.  I’m hoping to make the trip up for a pre-season game and opening night…although I’ll probably StubHub the home opener as I’m a seat snob.
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