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Goodbye Tim Kennedy

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I can’t really believe this Tim Kennedy situation.  He wasn’t a great player but yet he was constantly improving last season and was one of the better performers in the short playoff run last year.  On top of that he’s a local guy, playing for the team he grew up cheering for.  He’s now no longer a Buffalo Sabre.

I wanted to wait to post something on this till after the Darcy press conference but now I’m not sure why I did since there wasn’t really anything we didn’t already guess was behind the move.  It was essentially about an “over-populated” roster and, of course, money since they’re over the “projected budget” (still way under the cap though).  I would have rather seen a player like Stafford or Roy go in  trade to free up some cash and get something back out of it, perhaps another gritty forward.

On the other hand I suppose you can see where Darcy and Co are coming from.  They obviously didn’t think he was worth a million bucks a year and they thought they had more up and coming players where they could get more bang for the buck.  Ennis and McCormick proved in the Boston series last year that they deserve some ice time and perhaps this is Darcy’s only option to give it to them.

The Shane Morrisonn signing fits into this all too.  Signing players when you’re over your budget means someone is going to have to be cut.  I like the experience and toughness we’re gaining with him and there’s no doubt we need a stronger defense.  Hopefully he’ll step up and be one of those leaders this team needs because last year was proof that no one else is willing to.

Coming down to straight up emotions I’m bummed that Timmy is leaving.  He was one of my favorites and I loved seeing him work hard to make up for his size.  I’m sure another team will pick him up and hopefully he won’t become the next all-star of the league as we let him slip away for what essentially came down to $200k a year.  Now I guess we sit back for the next couple of months and see what else management has in store for this team.  From the sounds of it Darcy isn’t done yet.

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