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Daily YouTubes are taking a Break

This time of year is bittersweet for me.  I love the weather but am not a big fan of the sports available.  Sure, I follow racing but that’s only on weekends.  The Tour de France has drawn me in this year but only has a few more days to go.  Baseball isn’t really my thing.  To add to the lack of ports this is the time of year when football and hockey news starts to die down as teams are moving into camp mode and out of the free agent frenzies.

I don’t want this blog to fill up with YouTube posts so I’m going to hold off on them till stuff starts to pick up again.  With that said I’m still going to strive for a post or two a day of actual content.

Now, expect posts soon on the Kovalchuk debacle and recent developments in the Tour de France which had a controversial stage yesterday.  Until then lets all home September/October gets here in a hurry.

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