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My Opinion of the World Cup

Let me start out by saying I’ve never really been a fan of watching soccer.  I love to play it and have enough to understand the game but at a professional level I just can’t get into it.  I’m not sure if it’s because it seems a bit slow, the flopping, or the constant complaining from the players.  I was hoping this years World Cup would change that, and it did…I like it even less now.

To give credit where it’s due,  I will say I was pumped for today’s game and my eyes were glued to the TV for most of the finals game today.  I also watched the USA vs Ghana game with a bunch of people that were into soccer and it was a blast.  I was hoping for something more though, just to draw me into the sport, but I couldn’t find a thing.  I know a mostly 0-0 game isn’t the most exciting and there were a few points where I was on the edge of my seat but it was more of a lazy Sunday activity than entertainment for me.  I started out rooting for the Dutch but after I lost count of yellow cards they were given for essentially whining I just wanted the game to be over.

Now, if I haven’t alienated all you soccer fans out there I’m interested in what I’m missing here.  I mean it is the biggest game in the world so there must be something that draws the billions in.  Fill me in, help me see the light.

Until then, when does the “real” football start?

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